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We are a large facility and may choose to log into SplashTop Business from any number of workstations/mobile devices. We are not a traditional help desk that sit's in front of a specific device. If I attempt to provide remote support from a device and I left an open connection I am prohibited from doing so because I have another connection open from a different device. What most likely happened is I forgot to close the connection on the other device. The STB app should either close the old connection, I am no longer sitting in front of it and most likely don't need it, and certainly need it less than what I am trying to do now. Or at least offer to optionally close it and allow connections from the current device. Should not have to log into the web app or the old device and close the connection, it is not always practical or expeditious to do that.



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  • You can find the session in the business app and click Disconnect (under the gear cog menu on the far right next to the PC), usually works within a minute for me when I forgot a session running elsewhere. The trouble is knowing which machine you remained connected to, I usually quickly go through the list to see what is highlighted green but this can be troublesome with many techs (as lots of machines will show green/connected to but by other techs potentially)

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