Remote extensive lag when using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2020 NT

Currently, there is a great deal of lag when using Splashtop Business for Civil 3D 2020.  This reduces productivity.  We have tried all of the Splashtop options to reduce the lag to a minimal level but it is still far too slow to be effective and productive.



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  • We have a similar problem using our CAD and Laser Scan programs. The lag seems to come and go and we get drops, all of which seem to be on a repeating cycle. When connecting to a remote worker from my direct home wifi to their direct home wifi, the problems did not seem to occur. 

    I can't seem to do anything which improves this. The fact the cycle goes from ok, to choppy, to freezes, to drops and repeats tells me there is a network problem somewhere or Splashtop is having performance issues on their end or have a lack of resources/bandwidth to support all their users. 

    I have also noted on our current network setup, we have more problems with AWS and RDP connections. Again this points towards our internal network - which is a bit ad hoc at the moment . Comcast access -> wired to Linksys wireless router -> linked to ASUS wireless router in bridge mode -> wired to devices. That is a lot of translation. Working to open direct access to and from Splashtop resources but can't find any support information on how, or data needed to do it. Frustrating....

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