Logs. Please remove 90 day limitation

When attempting to locate a previous session for a user, I went to my session logs page and...only 90 days available (!)

Yes, there is an option to download each month's logs as CSV, import into Excel, ONE AT A TIME, and search each log. That's a lot of work. If you want to keep a running master file, it requires importing into an existing file, or setting up a database to import. Why?

The info is already available at the splashtop console. Just remove the 90 day limitation with customizable dates. Simple. Data is very small.

Would be helpful if users could define the dates to view and also export that range to CSV. Then they have the best of both worlds.

As it is, not a reliable function for small consultant like me. I don't have a department to download, manipulate, and manage logfiles, yet I still need to log session information and notes. 

Logging is a major feature and selling point. No need to harm its functionality and usefulness with arbitrary timeframe restrictions. 

I did not read anything about such a restriction when reviewing splashtop and making commitment to use it for remote control. If it was advertised on the pitch pages, it would likely hurt sales. So please make it more useful by removing the 90 day restriction. 

Thank you



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    Hi John,

    Thank you for your feedback and for bringing this to our attention and sharing your insight. I've escalated your feedback to our product development team to see if they could implement any changes in the future.

    Again, we truly value your feedback and look forward to hearing more from you more often.

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