Higher resolution remote monitor?

I just picked up a 27" 1440p monitor to use remotely. My "main" (or office) monitors are both only 1080p. Is there a way to get the 1440p resolution on my remote computer? I've got "Native resolution of remote monitor" checked. However, it's displaying 1080p still and to get any good clarity on the 1440p I have to keep it scaled to 100% and it uses about 2/3 of the screen. Makes the 27" kind of pointless.



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  • Hi Timothy,

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    Since you have higher resolution on your local computer, the setting you should be choosing is “Best fit to client computer”, which adjusts remote computer resolution to the same aspect ratio as the local computer.
    You can refer to this support article for more detailed information: How to change the resolution or frame rate of the streamed remote display?

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