Feature request - find PCs by IP address?

On a lot of security alerts, like from my firewall, it only shows the affected computer by IP address. 

It would be super-helpful to be able to search our almost 200 splashtop devices for that IP address and see what machine it was right way and be ready to jump on it ASAP if there's a security problem.





  • I support this idea.  Have you also considered using reverse DNS to discover the name of the endpoint?  If reverse DNS is working properly on your network this should help in the meantime.

  • Oh, absolutely... I can find IP name resolution through reverse DNS, via my DHCP server, or even my WIFI hotspot's admin interface if necessary.... it's just an extra step, and I'm usually trying to investigate "who is that IP?" when something crazy is going, and the last thing I need is an extra step while panicking about Russians inside our network (which actually happened!!!) 


  • Hi Jim, Ralph,

    This can be done in the web portal by going to Management -> All Computers. (Direct link: Enter the IP address and the relevant results will appear. 

  • @Support - The feature request is to be able to search by internal IP address, not external IP address which is what is currently possible.  External IP address is the same for all of our devices since they are on the same, routed Internet connection.

  • @Jim,

    Thanks for clarifying. To search by the internal IP address, you can navigate to Management -> Inventory. Please note that this feature is currently only available for Remote Support Premium and Enterprise teams.

    More information about the feature can be found here: 


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