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I can't believe I'm even having to request this because it is such a basic feature in most applications nowadays but can we pretty please get a dark mode for both the website and the desktop application? My eyes are burning from this bright white background.



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    Hi all, 

    We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to share your feedback. The feature request has been logged in our system.


  • Upvote.  Please.

  • Please

  • Thanks Violet! Just now seeing this but really happy to get a response on this one. The dark mode in the iOS mobile app looks great btw which is why I believe it would be a nice addition to the desktop app.

  • Splashtop has added some impressive features over the last year. Streamer config from the portal, manually updating streamer version through business app, and splashtop AV to name a few.

    You know what would make all that look even better? Dark mode

  • Still no Dark Mode for the Business App in February 2024.

    One begins to think that they just don't care about UI.  It's kind of embarrassing to view how bad Business App looks on a Windows 11 workstation running a dark theme.

  • Nearly 2 years on and still no dark mode :(

  • Upvote to outerspace

    Fantastic app but it's the only one I run that looks like a blazing gem of incandescent trash.


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