Thermal Throttling when using Streamer on Ultra Book

I know this is a fairly geeky question, but here it goes.

I use Slashtop to access my software development desktop. So anytime I am working I am running a Splashtop streamer session to the development machine.

I am using an LG Gram 17 Ultrabook, and it really just has email, browser, instant message type apps on it, as everything else lives on the remove development machine.

Ultrabooks are famous for thermal throttling issues with the CPUs and the LG Gram is no exception, I use ThrottleStop to control most of the issues, but I have noticed anytime I have a streamer session running, my temps run about 10c higher than when it isn't running. Pushing the laptop to thermal throttling, so anytime have a streamer session open I get weird pauses in chrome, gmail etc. as the CPU throttles up/down constantly. 

I know a lot of this is because it only has the intel 620 integrated GPU. But I am wondering if there are any recommended settings for the Splashtop software that might help with this. Perhaps not putting such demand on the GPU?

I am developing business software, so not videos, gaming etc. I just want to be able to have snappy desktop for development without lags.

Any suggestions?




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