Colour fringing on text

We use splashtop and have a number of users recently reporting colour fringing on one or both of their displays.

I have gone through all the client File>Options>Advanced>Performance settings one by one, and the only one which fixes it is "Use Legacy Compatibility Mode".

  • The issue affects the latest streamer / business app for windows version:
  • I have tried the business app for windows and it does not have the same issue so this is something to do with a recent change.
  • I have tried changing the resolution of the streamed PC.
  • We use "Multi-Window" mode.
  • On one of the PCs it is fine viewing one or the other monitor, but once both are opened in windows the 2nd monitor exhibits the issue.

Without legacy mode ticked:

Note the yellow fringing around the letters.

With legacy mode ticked:




  • Having updated to today and tried turning off "Legacy Mode" but still no improvement.

    Without legacy mode ticked: (zoomed in to a single word)


    With legacy mode ticked: (zoomed in to a single word)


  • We are having the same issue, started after upgrading to on most all systems we have to switch to legacy mode.  In addition to the ghosting / psychedelic theme mentioned we have a weird bar at the bottom of the screen that partially obfuscates the task bar.


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