Display Custom Image or Message on Blank Screen

I am hoping to have a feature added that optionally allows for a custom image or message/text to be displayed when 'Blank Screen' is turned on. The ability to optionally add an image like a company logo along with a message would be a huge improvement over the current 'Blank Screen' mode.

There have now been several occasions where I have been remoted in to an endpoint with 'Blank Screen' enabled and a user thinks that the endpoint is either off or frozen, and ends up forcibly shutting it down by pressing/holding the power button, or even unplugging the power cable.

Management now wants me to print off and tape 'Maintenance in Progress' signs on PCs/endpoints before I remote in to them, largely defeating the purpose of using Splashtop. If I were able to have a 'Maintenance in Progress' message displayed instead of a blank screen this would completely resolve this issue.

I have found 4 other posts over the years asking for this, please take this request seriously.

Thank you very much!



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    Hello! We do have an option to insert a custom image for an individual Streamer's Blank Screen:

  • First of all, thank you for such a GREAT product.

    I would like to strongly encourage and request this feature.  The best solution would be to allow the remote user to enter text string at the time of blanking the screen.  A .png file is nice but very limited in value.  As an example, it would be great to post a message like "Mark is logging in remotely and will be off at 2:25.  Please call 555-555-1212 if you need local access before then."  This feature would solve countless headaches that are created by having a computer look like it's off and the local users having no idea what is going on and when the computer will be available again...or, like the previous user mentioned, local users just rebooting the computer to gain access unknowingly trashing remote work in progress.  Thank you!


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