"System Inventory" screens could really use an EXPORT!?

Hi there, can you please add some kind of export on the "System Inventory" screens? Thanks!

Mostly I just go in and do a spot-check, but for long lists of installed software it would be nice to export them to XLSX as a "standard table" (one column per attribute, one row per software item -- not "stacked" like it is on the on-screen report, which makes it very difficult to even copy/paste to Excel and have it be usable.)


Thank you!




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    Hello! You can visit

    Click "Export" in the bottom left, and select "System Inventory" to download a .CSV file of the System Inventory!

  • P.S. see below... come on folks, it's only five columns of data there... Please can you give us the option to present that in a standard table format???? Or make that table view the default? I see no benefit or use to presenting this data in the format as shown below.



  • Thanks, that's very helpful. I see there are a couple ways to get to the same thing, at least for me?


    Management / All Computers

    Management / Inventory (export button is at the top)

    Still, might be nice to have the option to spit that out for just one computer, but that works very well, thanks again!




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