Add security setting in streamer for prompts when user is connected via Remote Desktop

Currently, if you configure the security settings of the streamer so that users get a prompt to accept assistance, this only works if the user is on the console of the computer. If the user is logged in via Remote Desktop, Splashtop doesn't consider this user active on the system, so when the administrator connects, they get sent to the console to login (if allowed) without permission. They can then change to the session of the user connected via Remote Desktop, but this does not prompt the user at all. It also doesn't not show any Splashtop logo or message that another person is controlling the computer. Likewise, if the security setting is set to deny access automatically to the console and an active user is on the computer via Remote Desktop, the administrator cannot connect.

I feel like there needs to be better integration with active remote desktop users and it needs to notify them someone is connected via Splashtop, and adhere to the security settings for prompting them in the first place.



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