Meetings via Splashtop

I do a lot of virtual meetings. However, it's very difficult to get those meetings done with Splashtop. There isn't a seamless meeting experience with Splashtop where I can just join the meeting from a computer at home by remoting into my work computer. For example, let's say my outlook calendar at Work Computer has a meeting (teams/zoom). If I remote into my work computer from home and click on those links to start the meeting, it doesn't give us a seamless meeting experience with speaker-microphone-webcam. It would be much better if meetings would feel like a real experience even from home. Right now, I have to either send that meeting details to my personal email/laptop and join from there or join video only from Splashtop (No camera, Audio in-out via mobile call-in). It's frustrating when I have to do such back and forth or adjustments with a lot of meetings daily basis. Nowadays, virtual meetings are basic routines with any org and I expect Splashtop to make this a better experience for all tiers of subscriptions.



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