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Would be nice to have a floating chat box that is always on top.  Can be moved around if in the way but would make communicating with each other much easier.

Also - a "STOP/DISCONNECT NOW" floating button.

These would be buttons that would ALWAYS be floating/moveable on the screen.



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    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

    Chat box is actually an existing feature, located on the session toolbar. Simply click in the chat field of the toolbar and start typing, the users at the remote computer will see the chat window pop up. The chat box can be minimized and move around.
    For more information, refer to this support article: CHAT

    As well, the disconnect button can be found on the toolbar on top, or simply click on the "X" of the session window to terminate the session. But thank you for your insight on making it as a floating button, we'll put into consideration.

    I hope everything is clear, happy holidays.

  • I agree. I need assistance right now and don't have time to read through a bunch of FAQs. It would really help communicate.


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