Increase Visibility that there is an active remote session

Anyway to increase the visibility for the client to they know someone is logged in?  I see the black box but it only lasts for a few seconds.



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  • @Admin,

    Besides the connected notification popup, on the system tray, the Splashtop streamer icon will turn to green from blue during the remote session. Open the streamer UI you can also see the computer is connected description under the status tab.

    There is also an option "Require permission to connect" under the security tab in the streamer. It needs your client's permission before their computers are connected.

    Do you need a permanent banner or notification showing that the computer is connected? 

    Splashtop team

  • It would be great if there was a way to choose to have an always up banner. My clients don't care when I'm connected, but they don't want to get in my way when I'm fixing something for them.



  • @Peet,

    I see. Will share this with the development team. Thank you!

  • Never saw the response till now.  Client turned on the extra security permissions which satisfied her specific concerns.


    I've never even known that the tray icon turns color.


    I do think that having the option of a permanent banner would still be a good option for the same reason that Peet wrote.  Sometimes I'm asked to remote in say over lunch but then they get back and they don't know if I am still on or not.  Small things like that.

  • @Admin,

    Thanks for the sharing! Will make sure your feedback is noted by the development team.

  • I also have client requests for 'The choice to have an always up banner' to see that we are on their PC when they return ... the green/ blue icon does not sattisfy their needs.   Just wondered if there was any way of doing this yet?

  • I would also like to request a banner.  One of my clients works with private information and she's very concerned about knowing when I'm logged in. I've set security settings so that she has to accept me, and so it give her the 'signed out' screen when I leave.  She' still uncomfortable.

  • Ditto - we would like a permanent banner option, too. Surprised it doesn't exist already, this should be high priority for development.


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