link not working in IE w/Windows XP SP3

Just a heads up that the or the link doesn't work (doesn't connect) for users using Windows XP (SP3) and Internet Explorer as their default browser.

The only way to get the SplashTop software downloaded via IE is to provide the user with the direct link here:

Since the executable is signed with SHA256, it will not show as verified publisher when downloading.




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  • @Faxsupport,

    We will forward this to the development team to address the cause. For now please use the direct link for XP users. Thank you!

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  • From what I understand, this is specific to XP (any release) and IE (any supported XP version) because a depreciated cipher has been removed from your server (likely done because it was a possible security risk).  

    Any attempt to browse to* link will result in a no access/no internet connection page message in IE because because its attempting a handshake using the depreciated cipher.  This does not happen with Chrome or Firefox on XP as it supports the newer Ciphers.

    As most sites move to secure HTTPS and remove the depreciated cipher, using IE as your default browser in XP (and earlier OSes) will no longer be able to browse any web site in the near future. This may also apply to Vista, but I am not 100% sure.

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