Minor usage annoyances - Login TAB, Refresh placement, upgrade viewing

Hey Guys, your doing a great job. I love how far Splashtop has grown up.

But it still needs some spit and polish..


Why do I need to take my hands off the keyboard to login??

Standard computer programming practices dictate that you should be able to move between every field on a screen using TAB. Yet I must use the mouse to get to MORE to then type in the DOMAIN. This is poor programming. If a domain is detected the field should auto-fill or at least show the spot for a domain automatically. When I had do it over 100 times last night for a system wide upgrade I really got frustrated..

Refresh should not be under FILE. Refresh is a viewing function. In every single program I have ever used it is under View. This only causes confusion.

And finally.. I hate to compare products, but over the weekend I switched over to Logmein to finish upgrading to Windows 10 version 1703.(I still have an active Logmein account because dual monitor viewing still hasn't been implemented)  The reason why? Splashtop kept telling me a computer was on, but wouldn't connect. Logmein allowed me to connect and see how far along the upgrade process was... My point being, Splashtop doesn't seem to be functioning on the same low level as Logmein. There have been multiple examples of being able to connect with one product and not the other. for me this isnt really an issue, but for others this could be a deal breaker.








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  • Lance,

    Thanks for the encouragement and your ongoing support!

    1) Point taken about tabbing through the auth screen.
    I will pass the feedback to our devs. I'm not sure technically how we can detect/auto-show the domain field. But agree at least the operations should be operable entirely via keyboard.
    Note that we remember the "more/less" state *by computer*. Unfortunately what would've helped you last night was if the state was remembered across the app as a whole.

    2) There's a little refresh icon at top of the app (left of the search field). I think there's a keyboard shortcut for refresh as well. Hope that helps.

    3) This is a trickier one. Can you give me more info so we can duplicate, i.e. what version from Windows you were upgrading *from*, etc.?
    I think there are couple problems involved, all of which we're thinking about how to improve:
    - streamer shutting down too early when Windows is doing a restart
    - streamer offline status is *not* properly updated throughout our system (so you end up seeing an online indicator still)


  • 1. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9792411/how-to-get-windows-domain-name This is for C++, but your dev will get the idea.

    2. Yes I know. It's just a little OCD with it being in the wrong place..LOL

    3. I was upgrading from Anniversary update to Creators update. This was after the first reboot when the blue screen shows percentage until complete. During this phase, I could use LMI to see how far along the progress was. Again, not really an issue, but when your remotely upgrading a machine and cannot see if its stuck, it can be quite annoying.


  • Much appreciated on all 3, Lance. The API is a pleasant surprise :) I'll see if our devs can make use of it. We'll think about all 3 some more.



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