Splashtop is blocked at many locations, how to fix?

We are deploying Splashtop Business to our servers on customers networks and are finding that many are "blocked" and show as offline in the admin panel.

Is this something a proxy server would help with?

I have a server that I can experiment with that is showing blocked in splashtop now, but I can get in fine with TeamViewer so I have a way to try things.



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  • @Scottjalbert,

    Please try our network test tool from your various locations to see what might be blocked. You can probably remote in using TeamViewer to the target machines, then browse to www.splashtop.com/check.

    Let us know what the results here.

    Here's a bit more info about that tool:

    Depending on the results, you may need to adjust some firewall settings. Please see this support article for what Splashtop needs (mainly see #3 and #4):


  • The check site reports this below. Can I get around their block with a proxy?


    This site can’t be reached

    The connection was reset.

  • It sounds like those locations have firewalls that block access to even splashtop.com.

    Are you able to reach our home page (www.splashtop.com) from those locations?

    Can you see if those locations have firewalls in place and that they are blocking splashtop.com domains?


  • No, I can't reach splashtop.com. I'm encountering this in a LOT of school locations. Things like google.com and yahoo.com work fine. I can also reach our domain in our data center.

    Can I get around this with a proxy in our datacenter?

    Do you have recommendations on which proxy software I should use and how to configure it?

  • Sorry I'm not knowledgeable enough about proxy to say whether it can help bypass the firewall restrictions at your customers' sites. It sounds feasible given your server/domain in the datacenter is already allowed through the schools' firewalls.

    We use Fortinet ourselves, and some of our customers use Sophos. There are also some open source Linux solutions if you're up for going that route.

    Splashtop Business app and streamer both do support proxy configuration. But one caveat is our data format for the remote session traffic is NOT standard HTTPS, which some proxies have issue with. (Our session traffic is an AES-encrypted TCP stream sent over port 443, not standard HTTPS format.)

    Is there any possibility of getting the schools to modify their firewall rules? Just like how those firewalls currently allow google.com, yahoo.com, your company domain, etc. - to also allow splashtop.com?


  • I'm very interested in hearing about some open source alternatives that are known working. 

    Does the proxy need to handle SSL? I was looking at a nginx forward proxy config but it didn't handle SSL that I could see. 

    There is a chance we can work with the schools, we will investigate but it's a lot of people.

  • @Scottjalbert,

    I'll email you and connect you with one of my colleagues who's more knowledgeable about proxy and our experience with Linux options.


  • Hi maybe Philip can help me I install the Business Streamer but the message 

    "Unable to reach Splashtop relay servers?"

    Appears and I have a Fortigate 50E router appliance and I was wondering what is the way to fix it to go though. The port 443 is the problem? I cannot figure out how setup the policy for "one caveat is our data format for the remote session traffic is NOT standard HTTPS, which some proxies have issue with. (Our session traffic is an AES-encrypted TCP stream sent over port 443, not standard HTTPS format.)"

    I check the access to Splashtop servers from my computer with the www.splashtop.com/check but all pass successfully so that is my confusion.

    Server Name URL Status
    API server 1 https://st2.api.splashtop.com Success
    API server 2 https://st2-relay.api.splashtop.com Success
    Relay server 35-199-158-181.relay.splashtop.com Success
    Chrome connection server 1 wss://wbs.relay.splashtop.com Success
    Chrome connection server 2 wss://wbs2.relay.splashtop.com Success
  • Websockets are not supported by the proxy server at one location.  Is there a workaround if a location fails the 2 wss:  www.splashtop.com/check tests?  

    I'm able to use TeamViewer at the same location and don't have control over the firewall setup.

  • Mark,

    Our general remote desktop functionality does not make use of the Websocket servers. Are you able to use remote desktop successfully at that location?

    The Websocket servers are needed just for the "share my desktop" function (for the technician to show his or her desktop to the end user). Unfortunately there are no workarounds at the moment for the "share my desktop' function.



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