Installing Splashtop on Hyper-V Core - Solution

Sometimes it's easier just to remote into Hyper-V Core and execute commands directly on the server. To install Splashtop on it, you must first install the WOW64 component.

From the command prompt:
dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:ServerCore-WOW64

Then install Splashtop using a deployment code and the following switches:
Streamer.exe prevercheck /s /i dcode=XXXXXXXXX,confirm_d=0, hidewindow=1

XXXXXXXXX is your deployment code

When upgrading, I put the new EXE on the server and run:
Streamer.exe prevercheck /s /i confirm_d=0,hidewindow=1

This does not give you access to the Streamer options, hence the use of the Deployment code, but allows you to remote in directly instead of remoting into a machine with a GUI and then RDP into the core machine.

Hope this helps anyone needing this..





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