painful slow remote to 5K iMacs

I've been struggling to hold remote sessions with a dual screen Mac client.
Initially put it down to the failing Fusion drive, however we have since SWAPPED the 2012 iMac i7-27" for a newer 2014 5K i5-27" (and attached the original second monitor Apple LED Cinema Display 1900x1200 & thunderbolt drive)
But remote sessions are INCREDIBLY slow, to non workable since the swap!
I've tried setting my Splashtop Biz to NATIVE or BEST FIT...but none really solve the immediate  issue. In fact they usually make it worse (and screw the connection completely requiring a reboot of the remote machine).
While I was sending a ticket to Splashtop Support I realised the remote is a 5K
The only other time I've had such speed lag issues was with another 5K iMac client, which I have to use in 1024x768 mode to hold stable sessions with.
Anyone got advice/experience on remote sessions to 5K iMacs from NON 4or5K?
working in 1024 is super annoying (but at least I get on the machine it would seem)
Admin - 27" iMac non4K 2560x1440, Yosemite 10.10.5
Splashtop Biz
Client - 27" iMac 5K, Yosemite 10.10.5


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  • @Havinabubble,

    We replied to your ticket to collect more info. Thank you.


  • reply to reply sent ;-)

    Splashtop Biz iMac 2560x1440 (non Retina).  217Mbps DOWN/12Mbps UP

    Splashtop Streamer 5K iMac 2560x1440. 16.5MbpsDOWN/.63MbpsUP


  • I have the same problem; was there any resolution?

  • @Chyld King

    the only thing that works for me has been changing the RESOLUTION in Splashtop Biz.  Goto settings on the client comp in your list / Connections Options /  Resolution - best fit to client, sometimes gets me on but 1024x768 always does. 


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