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Any news on the update to What can we expect from this version?



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  • Thanks for the summary and the suggestions. A bit embarrassed by lack of posting on our Announcements. We'll update!


  • Collin, was released early this morning. All streamers will be silently auto-updated over the coming weeks. Or you can click on "Check for Update" in the streamer UI to get it right away. (Or download the installer from our website and run it.)

    Thanks for your patience to this point!


  • It would be really really helpful (and I'm sure others agree) if there was a Versions topic here on this forum where new versions was listed and the changelog was itemized.

    I know new versions are announced somewhere here, but I can never find it when I go looking for it and I have to find correspondence in my email from when a link was sent to me.

    This would also give us the ability to discuss the new versions as a forum thread under each release


    In any case, my observations are:

    1. The multi monitor support has been overhauled.  Aside from being able to switch to a specific screen and having multi-to-one capability, it seems much faster switching between monitors, even connecting from client to host.  Seems even better with the client.  On my LAN, multi-to-one is smooth as glass when taking over a system with 2 x UHD monitors and 2 x HD monitors.  Still haven't tested from outside to this system
    2. Share my screen is slick and seems to work pretty well.  I don't know if I'll use it much, but it's nice to have the option.
  • Aaaaaaand when I finally locate the announcements page, the last entry was for version back in May...

  • aaaaaand, when was support for terminal sessions added?  I missed that at some point unless it's also a part of

    Just remoted into a system that was hosting multiple RDP sessions and it was super easy to switch between RDP sessions.   LOVE this function!


  • Phil,

    You guys have a great product here, but documentation and organization has been pretty painful.  Documentation and organization happen to be things I specialize in so ....

    If you're looking for someone to improve these areas, I'd be happy to contribute my skills in exchange for a discount on my subscription...


    I'm just sayin'...


  • Kurt,

    Glad you found the RDP session feature helpful. It was released a couple months back. We've indeed been behind on our email outreach and announcements.

    Interesting idea about helping us with organization. We could use some help. Can you send me a brief note with some ideas at




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