Shift key stuck on iPad

When using an iPad to connect to my desktop PC, it will act like my shift key is active. I don't see this behavior when using a PC or Mac desktop/laptop to connect to my PC desktop. It is random as to when it happens. What might be the problem? Pressing the shift key or combinations with the shift key, such as cmd-shift or option-shift do not change the behavior. It stops and starts on its own.



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    Hi all, 

    Thanks for partaking the Splashtop community. It's an unknown issue which will be fixed in the next iteration. Please try the workaround below before the new version is released. 

    1. Click software keyboard, Splashtop shortcut bar will appear at the bottom of screen

    2. Select and deselect shift button on the bar

  • I’m having the same issue as well. Need this fixed soon because it has caused me to get locked out of accounts because it CAPs letters when entering passwords. The fact that it just randomly turns on without any notable cause is incredibly frustrating. 

  • Same issue.  My temporarily solution is that I typed password in other ios app.  Then copied an pasted password when logging in.  If the issue occurred after logging in windows, open on-screen keyboard in windows, and I can turn of shift key there.  The ios screen keyboard did not help in my case.

  • COMMENTING THAT I AM HAVING THIS SAME ISSUE (NOTICE?). It happens randomly as I am typing.
    Work-around is going out of the app then back in, but that is extremely inefficient. The “SHIFT button” trick only sometimes works for me.

  • I noticed this same issue when using an attached logitech keyboard case. When using the on screen display all work. Using the Keyboard case, caps lock is stuck and cannot be turned off. Any resolution yet?

  • Can this be addressed as a critical issue? This continues to be a problem when trying to access a Remote Desktop using an iOS device. The suggested solution at the top of this thread does not work to solve the problem, and this problem can lead to a person being locked out of the remote device completely as caps lock is permanently engaged until you are able to log into the desktop again using a non IOS device and disengage it. Using the shift key on the software keyboard doesn’t work to counteract it. This has led to being locked out of devices while travelling which effectively creates an emergency situation on my end.

  • I want to echo the comments from others. Trying to use the iPad to take over for laptop and this is the single most limiting issue. Is there a timeline for this fix? Thank you

  • I have been having this issue for a long time. Highly annoying. The solution proposed by the rep is a stop gap solution, one I used to use, except now with the latest update it no longer works. Needs to actually be fixed asap. 


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