Splashtop one-2-many results need to be consolidated - or at minimum not compressed

one of the things that frustrates me anytime I use the one-2-many for any kind of work is determining what the results were for the task that was run.   in other tools I have used the results were clear and concisely placed in one log file for the entire run.   With Splashtop the frustration is great in that every device gets its own log and the log regardless of how large it is is compressed - making any attempt to acccess at least a three step process of download, decompress and open.  now for one or two systems that is not a real issue but if you are running a one-2-many script against 100 system that now becomes 300 steps to determine what the results were.    At least if the results were in clear text it would reduce the number of steps by 2/3.  and if it was one file with all the results in it - that would be reasonable and simple to determine what the results were with no hoops to jump through.  



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