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I need to give to my customers the setup for installing streamer because I not always install their PCs. But my problem is that I need to give to them my login + password, so they also can access to my Account & to other customers PCS. 
Is there a way to not give the account informations when installing the streamer ?



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  • Me too. In fact I think it is necessary in order to to use Splashtop Business for remote support.


    Here I sit with my Splashtop business account. there my customer sits wanting remote support. I have to hand over my account details in order for them to show in my panel when they are in a different country/state/area? I think not. Alternative I need to visit their site? Well that defeats using Slashtop Business for remote support, doesn't it?


    I hope I'm missing something and it is possible after all. 

    Perhaps the streamer could generate a temporary ID number that I can type into the Spalshtop Business app to identify and connect to the client. Or perhaps I can get a customized streamer that is linked to my account with nologin to allow me to give remote support WITHOUT handing over sensitive account details.



  • Found an answer "of sorts".

    They say, new features by mid March. So any day now with any luck.


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