why is splashtop business so slow to all my windows clients

by comparison rdp, logmein and teamviewer are very much faster than splashtop

why is your product so slow?????


a number of different networks-no difference

a number of different windows operatings systems-no difference

cf almost any other remote software-they are very much faster



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  • I agree.. my Office has a 100/100Mbps Metro Ethernet connection and my home is 150/20Mbps and Splashtop  is still very slow (not to mention my clients with slower connections).  By comparison, LMI blows the doors off of Splashtop.  The marketing for Splashtop says "The Fastest Remote Access"  ... not so much.

    Also, I have been reading over all of these forums posts and have yet to see a reply from anyone.  Do you guys actually read these?

  • I have noticed this also. I found it to be caused by another remote access agent installed on the same machine. For example, I was testing Splashtop on the same machine that had JumpDesktop installed. I found Slashtop to be extremely slow and buggy. I removed JumpDesktop and Slashtop was great and super fast after the removal of Jump. I have had this happen with a few others also. Log Me In and Screen Connect.
  • I have no other remote app and the connection is slow and laggy! itsnever been like that with the splashtop personnal app


  • I also find the splashtop connection MUCH slower than any other product. I cannot work like this.

  • Why so slow? Have LMI installed on the same system to compare and SO much faster. Keyboard inputting is 3 seconds behind! 

  • Hey, Splashtop developers, I would LOVE to purchase your product, I'm tired of LogMeIn's ridiculous pricing and model changing every few months to glean more cash from their subscribers. Again, I would LOVE to purchase your product, but I am finding it several times slower than LogMeIn. The fact that no one is answering any of these posts is concerning. Do you guys even care? I hesitate to open a ticket, because I feel it's just a waste of time. Please get us a solution to this, because as it is, I've only tried it on a few of my customer's PC's, and it's WAY slower than ANY remote access software i've used ion the past.

  • I agree, the lack of forum/community involvement from the developers, support, etc... is disheartening.  You can't tell if your concerns are falling upon deaf ears, if they care, don't care or simply don't even monitor the forums.  I wouldn't be surprised if this whole company was just one guy, sitting in his house, in his underwear.  Look at the copyright on the footer of the website.. "© 2013 SLASHTOP INC."  They are at least two years behind on the copyright...

    I seriously doubt that we will be renewing our account when it matures, simply based on the horrid performance.

  • I too agree with everything people have said above. The ivory tower of outrageously priced support tools needs to fall, however Splastop is not the tool (At this time) to make this happen.

    I have spent time talking to the support folks about this and i must say they are nice an approachable, which is great. However, at this time there is no fix for these issues.

    Here are the problems.

    1. The splashtop client HEAVILY relies on the GPU of the machine to encode the remote session framebuffer. If the machines do not have a discrete video card with at least 256MB of ram, then it suffers. This means that Servers that are virtualized or other "Business Machines" will be slow to remotely support

    1a. There is a workaround to this, which is turn off hardware accelaration for video, I have expressed that this is not feasible (How do you do this for 100+ workstations effectively) and also why should clients suffer poor performance of video 24x7 for a once-in-a-while remote session.

    2. The product will perform a Client-client remote session when both are on the same LAN. Outside the LAN it has to route through a repeater server. I believe that there are either not enough servers or they are geographically placed in a poor area for performance.

    2b. Because of the #2 issue, there is a side effect that is severe. If you are VPN'd into a client and remote something or just have splashtop dashboard running. Then disconnect and try to remote control a device, that device connection will fail and likely not allow re connection for a long time.  I believe this is a client issue and in some cases i had to reinstall the dashboard app or client remote software to fix. - UNACCEPTABLE

    I've voiced this to their team but i feel they arent going to make a fix soon (PLEASE DO, I'll happily pay when this is fixed). The reason is, their primary base is people using laptops to remote control their home PC's and play video games or in a classroom environment. This remote support usage is secondary and an additional "Revenue" vertical that hasn't been properly investigated. It works, but no better than a mirrored VNC session. 

    In summary, 

    - Product has serious architecture issues
    - Product is unusable as a remote IT support tool
    - People are waiting with money in hand 
    - Splashtop needs to decide if it wants our money and put real work into this or can their business vertical

  • Well thought out... however I am afraid that no one from Splashtop even looks at these forums.  As of now, we will not be renewing our subscription.

  • Oh yeah, I want off the LMI Band Wagon so bad. Splashtop was tested and failed on speed ratings. Perhaps this issue falls under the "you get what you pay for" category.  Although I don't get it. Maybe TeamViewer is the only option. 

  • Teamviewer works like a champ.. but it is outrageously expensive if you dont use the annoying free version.

    I have been let down by so many new products recently. It always seems as if we will finally have alternatives to the overpriced stuff we use, but they seem to all reach a point and simply stop development.
  • Oh totally agree about TeamViewer Matt, that it is crazy expensive. But I almost feel like I have no choice. At least it will eb aone time Outlay (till I have to upgrade again).


    My product reviews have been very disappointing as well with InstantHouseCall and now SpalshTop.  The Website, features and videos look good. But in reality they just don't cut it. 

    I wish there was a clear direction on this. Betrayed LogMeIn Central users like me need a new home. 

    I personally wouldn't have a problem paying Splashtop double or dare I say ... TRIPLE of they are asking for as long as they fix this Slowness issue.

  • I am the SVP of Sales for Splashtop, I thought I would shed some light on server performance and connections.


    For millions of users we have excellent response time and often the highest frame rates and lowest latency because we do leverage the graphics capabilities of the host computer.  We use the H.264 protocol and take advantage of graphics (chips and cards) to offload and speed up encoding and compression.   As it turns out this architectural advantage for millions of users is completely lost on many windows servers because they don’t have any graphics capability or have very little graphics memory.  We do suggest that you can turn off hardware acceleration and this does put more load on the CPU and improve response time but I understand how this might be a real burden for those of you that have many servers.


    I have attached a short discussion that will shed some additional background and direction.

  • If I want to watch Youtube or play Counter Strike on a remote gaming PC, I will give Splashtop another chance.... but for those of us who need reliable remote session in the BUSINESS world, I believe we should look elsewhere.  Turning off hardware acceleration is hogwash and i would venture to say that the "millions" of users you speak of, do not know any better.  Also, I think it is pathetic that I had to submit a support ticket and complain about no one from Splashtop answering the forums, for you to come here and post.

  • Totally agree with Matt. As a matter of fact, my test was from PC to PC and that too over AT&T UVerse which is a 12 Mbps / 1 mbps connection on both ends. Again NO SERVER INVOLVED. And both of these PCs have a NVidia 2GB Graphics Card and are less than a year Old form Dell.

    I am thankful for the response from Jeff on this matter on this forum and via e-mail.

    The docx attachment does state this slowness problem in detail which is great. It shows awareness. However, it has no mention of the fix on speed issue. (see below).


    Splashtop expects to have a major Streamer enhancement by May 2015 that resolves the Multiple User Account disconnect reconnect issue.


    The reason we are being noisy on this is because we are very interested in the product and really wish to purchase and implement it for years to come. But that will not happen till things change with this slowness issue. Although time is of the essence with our decision making. Companies liek me may only have couple of months to relocate. And I am sorry but disabling Hardware acceleration is not an acceptable solution.

  • @Matt,

    We will keep trace the issue in your ticket.


    @Support from Vora-tech (there are more than one Support above),

    We want to collect more info about the lag issue, could you please help to describe more about the "slowness" issue? Does the slowness issue happen when playing video? when typing or? 

    You also mentioned it is PC to PC remote session, could you please try to disable the option "network optimization" at Splashtop Business software to see if it helps?


    @Anthony & E-major,

    Does the issue still happen now?

  • I am also testing this before I bring across 1000 machines and over 50 secondary users from LMI.

    One thing I have noticed is we have windows 7 render nodes running and if we remote control from a pc/laptop then splashtop just freezes them (graphic card is ASPEED as these are rackmount machines so can't have gaming cards).

    However, remote controlling the same node from a galaxy tab 10.1 the speed and connection is superb. 

    All normal machines controlled from the same pc/laptop initiating connection work fine, so i'm assuming there's also an issue with passing the video back for certain cards at the remote end?


  • Turning off video acceleration on a server that doesn't  need it worked perfectly for me...EVEN WITH ONLY 8Mb AVAILABLE TO THE MEMORY CARD!!!!  Works just fine, never had an issue on any PC on my network.  Great product, very fast, excellent cost.


  • We have been testing Splashtop Business for the past 2 weeks and have not found any video lag as compared to LogMeIn. I'm curious as to why some people are having problems and others are not. We have several remote windows servers with minimal video ram and they are still performing well, including 1 at a location with a single T1 1.5mbps connection. 

  • I am more curious as to why two people, back-to-back have found it necessary to locate and post on a thread about performance issues, when they claim not to experience it.

  • I commented merely because I am a new user of Splashtop as of 2 weeks and I'm browsing the forum to get familiar with it. This thread was at the top of the list in the "Q&A - Splashtop Streamer (Win)" and I was curious to see what the problem is and if we should be concerned. I commented because we are not experiencing this issue and am curious as to why some see it and some do not. Perhaps we will see it on some systems in the future, but so far have not. Is there something wrong with me commenting in this thread?

  • Other than the clutter... no.
    But for those that are trying to solve the issue, the comment does nothing but litter the thread.

  • If you feel that it is unimportant that the issues is not universal, I guess my comment is just clutter. I, however, think it is important data that the problem exists for some and not others. Getting to the bottom of why some have no lag with similar systems and others do, might help to fix the problem. 

  • @Matt, you need to go back and read my comment again.  I came to this forum precisely because I was having very significant lag issues that made my connection to one of my servers almost completely useless.  After reading the post about disabling video acceleration, my problem was fixed literally 20 seconds later.  THAT's why I posted here.  In fact, the only litter and clutter here is from you my bitter friend.  Go back to whatever you were using previously and leave.  There.... I just solved your problem and I'm not even a Splashtop support tech.

    CLUNK!   (That was me dropping the mic...)

  • Whoa ... hey now. I think multiple trial and error missions are adding up on the frustration scale. :-)

    I totally understand by the way. I paid for the subscription (which is a small cost) but I still have no-joy. That is why I stopped posting things when I realized I have nothing new to report.

    Anyways, back to the issue at hand. I actually have installed the Streamer on 2 different servers (Win 2008 R2) at different locations and both were unusable. As in a click took about 2 minutes to show action. Same thing for typing. Switching to "Smooth Mode" made no difference. It feels like a slow Internet Symptom but it is not. Both Servers are on Comcast Business which is superfast. And of-course LMI or TeamViewer do not have this problem.

    I have exchanged many e-mails in the background with their Sales and "Chief" Personnel as advised in this thread. Unfortunately, they seem completely unaware of this issue while the Internet and most of this forum thinks otherwise. So there is definitely a disconnect somewhere. Since it's not a Global problem, we might be looking at a case of plausible deniability  where they know what is going on but fixing it might require major developments which might not be the vision for now. So instead lets just kick the ball down the road instead of admitting to the problem, which could further deter current or future clientele.

    Wait ... Do I hear Windows Vista? Microsoft does the same thing with every other OS release :-)

  • Thanks for the info. We have mostly MS 2012 servers in place, but a few 2008 (and yes even a few 2003 boxes). I have not noticed any problems, but perhaps it is something in the Windows 2008 system that they are having trouble with. I'm going to run some tests across the servers we have and report back. It might also be a specific chipset? I'll try to get some details and see if any of the 2008 servers we have are having this issue.

  • I agree with the fact that Splashtop support should have this problem clearly and openly posted on their site as a known issue.  Especially for such a simple problem.  Splashtop uses the remote PC's GPU (the graphics card) to maximize speed and it does make sense.  I ran into a problem with one of my two servers in that only one was EXTREMELY slow just as the prior post said about taking forever to show any response or typed entry.  The moment I disabled the video acceleration (which I don't need on a server), everything worked fine even with only 8mb available to the graphics card.  Just saying that that solved my problem for the clutter nazis around here...hahaaa!!!  Good bye folks...I'm done here.

  • Is anyone here having trouble on any MS 2012 Servers or just on 2008? Here's a screen shot of one of our 2008 Server's video chipset and settings. We are having no problems on any of our Win 2008 boxes, and most have this same chipset, as far as I know. I will hunt around and see if we have some others with different chips, however this was our standard Win 2008 configuration that we rolled out prior to moving to Win 2012. 

    Also, this is with the acceleration on, though I am switching them all to off as I go, just in case.


  • These are from some of our 2003 boxes. Was seeing a minor bit of lag with them, but nowhere near the problems reported above. Turning off acceleration has made the remote more responsive, but we were not having any serious lag before.

  • Just to confirm ... when you say "turning off graphics acceleration", you do mean switch it to "Smooth Mode" from Spalshtop Tools on top correct? Which is what I have been trying with no luck. I hope we are not talking about changing advanced properties on individual Display Adapters instead.

    With Smooth Mode, I see the video quality dropping to fuzzy but no improvement in movement on these 2008 Servers even if I wait a few minutes for the changes to take effect.



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