splashtop into a server running remote desktop services server

If I splashtop into a server running remote desktop services server, which has multiple sessions running concurrently, which session I will splashtop into? Do I have choice? Thanks.



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  • I expect Splashtop send me to Welcome Screen to select which user want to use, but in Terminal Servers it doesn't work most times; it show a blank screen.

    I admin more than 20 servers with Terminal Server, and have no direct access to RDP port, (servers are behind LAN).  Is there a way to admin this servers from Splashtop without this inconvenients?

  • Please answer the above question.  I have installed streamer on a Terminal Service Server with multiple users.  The Splashtop service shows as running but the account registration screen does not appear on installation and Splashtop does not appear in my list of computers

  • Me three.

  • I found this to be a problem with a disconnected RDP session, ie, you do not log off, just click the X at the top of the screen, I will sometimes get the black screen of death.  Once I connect to the session and log off, I can access with Splashtop again.

  • @all,

    Using v3 streamer, it guarantees to connect to the console session on a server.



    Is it an issue related to RDP or Splashtop? I am a bit confused. Could I know more details? Thank you!


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