I downloaded splashtop today but when i try to connect remotely, it says "unable to wake computer"

"unable to wake computer"



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  • I too am having the SAME issue on a Server 2008 r2 box.

    Maybe Tech Support will have knowledge.


  • This is a common issue, I chose not to purchase the product because of this and the poor performance. I believe it has something to do with being on the same LAN then going outside the LAN and trying to reconnect. Either way it is unacceptable to have a remote support tool that works "sometimes". 

  • I am having the same problem.

    From a PC running Windows 7pro, site 1 I can connect without problem.

    From a Windows 8pro Pc on site 2, it says unable to connect, check PC is on!

    This repeats every time from the win8 compuer, removed software, rebooted, reinstalled, used a different account, ran installer cleanup, computer 100% up to date. This does not work.


  • @Support,

    Our supporter has replied to your ticket.


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