Client computer always show offline

I have installed Splashtop business (purchased not the free trial) on both the client computer and my computer, both are desktop running Windows XP. I have uninstalled and reinstalled on both computers. NUMEROUS TIMES. I can access the computer that day but the next day it always shows the client computer offline when I know that it is up and running. Splashtop always asks if I want to wake the computer and I always say yes but it never makes the connection and tells me to make sure the client computer is on. Client computer is turned off each evening, is there something I am missing or doing incorrectly? This is beyond  frustrating.



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  • same issue for me

  • I had that exact problem this morning on a XP SP3 computer I was accessing happily last night.

    Unfortunately, reinstalling the streamer now gives the "Unable to Log in" message that we have seen on SP2.

    Looks like they updated something last night and broke Windows XP logins.

  • same here. 3 different xp + sp3 no way to see them. I disabled firewall, change port, nothing. Seems that xp is not working. Any hint ?

    TIA, because I have to choose and test before the trial period

  • I have OSX 10.10.3 and try to access it from an iPad. When the computer sleeps i loose connection.

  • I'm having a similar issue with one XP system. It seems to be after a DNS error where a secured connection with the server DNS/ can't be made. This seems to happen twice in a 24 hour period at 12:02am and 12:02 pm PST. After each instance a reboot is required. Any idea's would be appreciated.

  • Any update to this?

  • Any answer from anyone would be appreciated.

  • @all,

    If you are using deployment streamer, v3.0.0.3 deployment streamer is now available, please upgrade the deployment streamer you have to then see if the issue happens again.

  • I have the same issue with Win 10 or Win 11 pcs, where they are on, not set to sleep ever but for some reason after a period of inactivity (hours or days) some pcs tend to show as if they are offline when they are not. Trying to Wake them doesn't help, I usually have to sign into the PC manually or through RDC so that Splashtop can notice that the PC is online. It's very frustrating and time-consuming to do this every so often. Wish there was a fix for it to prevent it from happening.


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