I have 3 monitors at work, can I view all three monitors at the same time on my three monitors at home?

I need to be able to view all my monitors at the same time.  I am using a trial of the business version and can only figure out how to toggle through each monitor in the one window.  I would like to have 3 windows of the remote computer running 1 on each of my 3 monitors at home.  



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  • Hey Josh. I'm testing this out for my office as well and we run dual-monitor workstations in the office. After really loving Splashtop, there is a HUGE buzzkill with not being able to pop out each screen when working remotely. 

    The only 'workaround' I can think of is click show all screens in 1 window. Then stretch that window across all 3 of your home monitors. OR get fun software that makes your computer recognize all 3 monitors as 1 giant monitor.


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