Streamer keeps restarting

  I have a problem due to Splashtop Business constantly trying to restart.  When it does, it ties up most of my computer resources.  The only way to return the computer to normal is to delete Streamer.  What is happening and what can I do about this problem?  I can't use Spashtop this way.

  I am running Windows 7 on a client computer in a corporate environment, and have a firewall.  Streamer downloads fine but then starts acting up when I run it. 





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  • I am running Windows 10 but essentially, the same problem.  Please help me stop this.  Thanks

  • @Hankb,

    Could I know the name of the computer getting issue? I checked the backend and found one of your team computers is still running with streamer. Please upgrade the streamer to latest version one ( then see if the issue still happens.


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