where can i locate the splashtop security streamer tab

when i try to log in to splashtop i am getting an error message asking for the password which is located in the splashtop security streamer tab which i cannot locate




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  • @Sthompson,

    You could find the "require security code" setting under the security tab of the streamer.

    If it does not appear in your case, please help to take a screenshot of the security tab so we could have more clues to address the issue.


  • Where can I get my security code. I do not see a streamer tab anywhere

  • Ttrush,

    I attached a screenshot so you can find it. The streamer is the endpoint to be installed on the remote computer you will remotely connect to.


  • my main computer in a different country I am in the US now and I am trying to connect and it asks me the codw.... where is ut?



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