Virusnotification SRUACCheck.exe

Since two weeks, when i install Splashtop streamer, Avira gives a virus notification for SRUACCheck.exe in folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Server.

I have this issue on different machines. What action should I take?



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  • Ran this file through the check at . Only 1 virus scanner alerted - that was Avira. I would say that this is a false positive and nothing to worry about.

    See attached partial snip it of the results.


  • That's 1 of 57 virus scanners.

  • It is indeed a false positive, but since Avira kills off the process that lets Splashtop run, so you're going to have to whitelist that process in Avira.

  • @all,

    Thanks for the sharing and reports!

    We also gave it a try in house and there is no Splashtop service blocked by Avira by default. There might be other extra settings/rules that make Avira blocks Splashtop services.

    Please add the blocked Splashtop service to the whitelist at such case. Thank you.


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