Login failing and then refusing to allow

Okay. This is ...serious.

During the past few months, since around the turn of the year, I'm getting increasing numbers of "cannot connect to Splashtop servers".

To make matters worse, I then try and login with the business app, and get a message "Login failed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Try again later"

When I finally get logged in, it might last a few days, it might last a few hours. Or minutes! - Not. Good.

Is Splashtop having growing pains? How much longer do you anticipate this problem to continue. TIA.




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  • @Davisbr,

    Sorry about the inconvenience caused. There might be log-in issues using previous version of the streamer and we are keep working on addressing the root cause and fixing them.

    Please make sure it is streamer installed on the target computers and the share settings of these computers are correct then see if the issue still happens. There are several fixes and is the updated versoin one.

    As for the log-in issue at Business app side, we had server busy issue recently and we have made bunches of the improvements. Now you should not see it again using Splashtop Business app. 

    Please let us know if you still see the issue using updated version of the app and the streamer. I will help resolve the issue. 

    Thank you and sorry again for encountering the issue.

  • I am getting the same message "Login failed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Try again later". This is happening with the Splashtop Business Windows application (ver. on my primary PC. This is the second time in the past week or so, that I go to use Splashtop to help a customer and cannot use the Splashtop Business software on my primary PC. 

    I can login on the Splashtop website. I can get out my Windows laptop and use the Splashtop business application, and login as normal. The laptop is sitting right on the desk next to the pc where I am experiencing the error message.

    "Try again later" is not a plan.

  • @Djonathan,

    We need you help to collect logs. I have created a ticket for you.


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