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Dear Splashtop Team,

It is wonderful to have extra security features enabled, however, it is a pain in the neck to re-create new deployment package every time you update software. Is there any way to implement extra security feature when upgrading application and be able to change them with my Splashtop ID? Also - I noticed that users with admin rights can exit, shut down, etc... application.





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  • @Info,

    If that is a simple upgrade, you could use the deployment link in the previous deployment package you made. The link will always download the latest version of the streamer.

    If you want to change the setting of a deployment package and apply it to target computers, then it will need to create a new deployment package.

    Could I know what extra security setting you want to add to your target computers? 

    Yes if the a user has administrative right of the target computer, he/she could exit, uninstall the streamer. A new setting in deployment package "hide system tray" might help.

    Hope this helps.


  • Considering that the Streamer client indicates that it will autoipdate, but does not, is misleading and extraordinarily inconvenient for business use. Since Yu are raising your prices, please fix the autoupdate for Macs. It makes me look umprofewwional to have to regularly fail to access a clients Mac, then have to have them reinstall the steamer client. Especially when I'm trying to clean up an after hours emergency.
  • @Charles,

    We are aware of the pain without auto update, sorry for that. Silent upgrade is the top priority to our developers and we target end of July to have it available.


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