Splashtop will not turn my remote computers

Splashtop will not turn on my computers remotely.  I have 68 computers that I would like to be able to turn on and manage remotely. When I click the Connect icon form Splashtop Business I get a message asking if I want to wake up this computer and connect to it.  But it is never able to turn on the computer.

Here's some things I've done,

Wake on lan is enabled in the bios

Wake on lan is enabled on the NIC

Green & energy efficient settings on the NIC don't make a difference

I switched from Logmein and it was able to turn on these computers


Dave Bower



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  • @Dave,

    It does not support WoL feature from different network environment using Splashtop Business at this time.

    We are developing a new feature that would make this work, please stay tuned.

  • Please, please put this together, as for those of us who work remotely, this is VERY important.  I too moved from Logmein.

  • Splashtop works great all around  but this feature is a really important feature from someone that is trying to support PC remotely.  Logmein and Teamviewer do offer those features. In order to Splashtop to be a real contender in the remote Support environment, that feature should be a must option or hopefully .  Thank you!

  • @splashtopDEV-Team


    When you say "We are developing a new feature that would make this work, please stay tuned."


    Is there any update at this time about when could WOL be available?


    Thank you

  • All,

    We rolled out remote wake about 2 weeks ago, only to the web console at the moment.

    Please try waking from the web console (my.splashtop.com).

    Under the gear icon for each computer, there will be a "wake" menu item, if that computer is eligible (on Ethernet, etc.).

    If that doesn't work, please file a support ticket so we can follow up with debug logs, etc.

    Over the next few weeks, we'll roll out the "wake" function across the Splashtop Business apps for various platforms.


  • Good! just a few minutes updated my business windows app, ( i will test every day, every minute !!


    Thank you

  • close this it is very old


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