Splashtop Business client does not install

Even when launching run as administrator i cannot install the client on Windows 8.1 pro. Also when trying to us my.splashtop.com on chrome I still have the same problem, there are not connect buttons showing. What do I do to troubleshoot?





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  • @Debbie,

    Was there any error message when you saw the install issue? Please use the attached cleanup tool then re-install Splashtop Business app again and see if it could work.

    I also noticed that the trial you signed up is Splashtop On-Demand support (SOS) which is our attended support solution. Using SOS, you enter the 9-digit access code to access your client's computer.

    You could refer to our FAQ article for the instruction about how to establish a remote session using SOS:

    If you want to see your target computers in the computer list and also have connect buttons for them, it is our unattended solution, Splashtop Business or Splashtop Business for Remote Support. You could also sign up a trial on our official website.

    Hope this helps.


  • I've been trying for over a week to get any of these products to work. Frustrating.

    I am unable to get a session to start. I concentrated on the Splashtop for Business this time. I used the CleanUpInstaller to get rid of all Splashtop products before installing the Business client. I still have the same problem:

    No connect buttons.

  • @Debbie,

    I checked the backend, you installed Splashtop Business app and the streamer successfully.

    But like I said, the trial you signed up is SOS. You don't see connect button on the web portal if you use SOS. Using SOS, you enter 9-digit access code to establish a remote session but not by clicking connect button.

    I granted 7 days Splashtop Business trial to your Splashtop account. Now you should see connect buttons on the web portal.

    More instructions using Splashtop Business:

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for what you have done. There is nothing intuitive about your website or this product. I am considering switching from LogMeIn pro but this is really hard.

    Now it is asking me for a security code when I connect, even though none is applied or checked. I tried rebooting, redoing the choices in the security tab, nothing appears to work.

    And the link you give above is not to further instructions. It is to a not too flattering set of comments about how hard this is to deploy.

  • Any help with Splashtop business asking for Security code, when the checkbox is not applied?

  • @Debbie,

    I checked the backend and found you have two different Splashtop Business apps registered under your team. Was it the Chrome Splashtop Business app or desktop version app you used to encounter the issue? Or both of them?

    Please also help collect splog.txt on the culprit computer you remote to after reproducing the issue, we will work with the engineering team to address the issue:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Server\log


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