How do I share my screen with a deployed computer?

So if I want to show a powerpoint presentation to a computer that I have deployed, how would I do that?



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    Let me make sure we understand the scenario:

    Computer A - your client's computer; running the streamer you've deployed

    Computer B - your own computer; running PowerPoint

    Usually, you would remotely access Computer A from Computer B.

    In this case, you want to let the user at Computer A see Computer B's screen?


  • Correct, so in this case I have a desktop connected to a projector and I would like to have it mirror my screen.

    For example I am in a meeting and want to show an excel spreadsheet on the projector. I want to be able to fill out the spreadsheet from my laptop, display the spreadsheet on the projector through the desktop, then disconnect from Splashtop and take the laptop with me to the next meeting. 

  • It's an option I have with Team Viewer.

    If Splashtop Business doesn't support that, does another one of your products support it? Something for meetings?

  • Thanks for the explanation, Justin.

    Splashtop Business indeed does not support that. It's focused on remote desktop access and does not have the meeting features of TeamViewer.

    We do have another product that may work for your usage model. Please check out this page: That will entail buying and installing a piece of software on both your laptop and the desktop.

    If you have some questions about how our Mirroring360 software works, I'll be happy to connect you with our team working on that.



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