Splashtop Business CANNOT login in Notebook with Windows

I paid for Splashtop Business. The program (version CANNOT login in my laptop with Windows system. It (version did work in my ipad. Internet was OK in my laptop. what's wrong with the software in my laptop? I need to use the software in my laptop as soon as possible. Please help me repair or find the problem!



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  • Same problem!!! Version

    After enter login informations click login and windows say the program was stopped working. ('run as administrator' doesn't help)  Win 7 Pro x64

    On my MacBook Pro / iPad / iPhone there is no problem with Splashtop Business. 

    (sorry for my english)

  • Win 7 works; Win 8 doesnt.

  • having issues to log in last few days, 

  • I'm solved the "program was stopped working" problem with run the program at Vista SP compatible mode!

    But I have a problem too with login in last few days! The program accept login informations after I have "Unable to Reach Splashtop Servers" error message on Windows 7 - OS X - iPad and iPhone too.  

  • we have the same problem.... 

  • Anybody see this problems from Support team??

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