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Hi in the client bussiness-app for iPhone/iPhone I would prefer smaller Icons for the remote-devices. Then I could see more devices in the list. At least a option to choose smaller size. And it would help me, if I could see the version of the streamer on the list of devices. So I can ask clients to update to a newer version. regards Mike Karas


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  • Hi Mike,

    We were thinking of ways to better handle viewing large numbers of computers.  For now, we added the functionality to our web interface  You can login from any browser, including iphone and see all the computer list as formatted by the browsers and more easily scrollable.  Does this meet your needs?

  • Hi web-gui is not a problem. I speak about the clients. As an example on iPAD I see only 5 PC on a page. I think this could be much more if Icon and Text are smaller. And in web-gui I can touch the PC and see the info like version of the streamer. This would also be helpfull for iPAD-Version of client. Version is needed, since not all users, which I help, have Admin-Rights for update. So I can check, if an update is needed. regards Mike
  • I agree with this.. the Windows version of the Splashtop Business client is very clunky feeling.  The window cannot be resized, I can only see 4 machines at a time.  Also, when I scroll the list, the window does this funky flashing that hurts my eyes and makes it very difficult to try and read the list while scrolling.  Each row in the list is way too big.

  • As a new Splashtop Business Unlimited subscriber, I have the same concerns as Mike expressed above.  The Splashtop Bueiness window, expanded to the maximum height on my iMac's 27" screen, shows a maximum of 25 computers due to the LARGE icons.  Smaller icons would allow 2 to 3 times as many computers.

    I also support Mike's request for a column showing the Streamer version number.  A simple app preference could allow each user to determine whether this column is shown.

    It's disappointing to see Splashtop Business still has only LARGE icons nearly 4 years after Mike's request.

  • Ward,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    We made one huge change, about 2 years ago, from only 4 rows fixed (imagine that!) to what it is like today.

    Most customers have been happy with current design, though some definitely prefer denser.

    We're thinking about the next step in UI revamp now.



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