How can I rename my deployment package names?

How can I rename my deployment package names?  I've switched to using a naming convention that stops duplication by adding a unique number at the beginning (eg. '0015 - John Smith' instead of just 'John Smith') but want to rename the older package names to bring them into line with the new naming convention.


Thank you!



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  • Does anyone have an answer to this? :-)

  • Sorry to miss your post from last year!

    There's not a way to rename package name. But recently we've added a way to "clone" an existing deployment package, which you can then save off under a new name.

    Maybe that's a possible workaround for you? (Can clone, save under new name, then delete old one. Though the new and old packages will have different 12-digit deployment codes.)


  • Thanks for the response.  Sadly this won't really help as having to change all the deployment codes will be a real pain!

    Never mind; I'll stick with what we've got for now but it would be useful if you add the feature to rename package names at some point. :-)

  • I see what you mean. Sorry we can't help here. For sure we'll see whether this is something our developers can add.


  • still no way to change the package name? How hard can this be to implement? 

    The original post is over 1 year old and there is still nothing.

    Please make the change possible.

  • I too need to rename my deployments..


    but, what if there wasn't a separate deployment area anyway, and each Group had its own code?

  • @Allen,

    Can you elaborate more on what the use case is, and how renaming a deployment package (or a specific deployment code for every group) help?

    We don't support rename deployment package because we don't push the change made in deployment package to already deployed computers at this time.

    Please let me know. Thank you!


  • Thanks Vans,

    I have one use for a Deployment Package.. to put a computer in a Group during enrollment. After that, I don't think I care for (or even want) a tie between the Deployment and the Computer. 

    As it stands, every time I make a Group I am probably going to make a Deployment for it to auto-sort computers. 

    As my usage of Splashtop grew, I renamed a number of Groups, and now their deployments don't match. There are some deployments I'm done with, so I'd end up deleting them, but for the rest, I don't want to make new, matching ones, as I've already given out the codes. I just want to rename the deployments to match their Groups.

  • @Allen & all,

    Got it. Our team is in a discussion, I will update you as soon as possible.


  • I'd like to add to this topic, as I've just recently run into this problem.

    Splashtop doesn't allow you to edit a package after it's created.  Ok, fine, but when they (Splashtop) add new features to the deployment package system, you are forced to create a new package.

    Unfortunately this creates a lot of extra, unnecessary, steps if you use a specific naming convention for your deployment packages. 

    For example:

    I have a package I made called "Group Deployment 1" and there is a new features I want to add to this package.  I can't edit the current package, or rename it.  I now must clone it, multiple times.

    1. Clone "Group Deployment 1"
    2. Make edits to the deployment options/features that are new.
    3. Name it "Group Deployment 1-temp"
    4. Delete "Group Deployment 1"
    5. Clone "Group Deployment 1-temp"
    6. Name it "Group Deployment 1"
    7. Delete "Group Deployment 1-temp"
    8. Update my GPOs/scripts with new 12-digit code of "Group Deployment 1"


    Every time a new feature is introduced, you have to do this all over again, with every package.  Splashtop needs to take into account time it takes to manage, Splashtop, it can create a larger burden.


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