What happens when you change your password?

If I change my Splashtop Business login password, what happens to all the deployed & downloaded streamers that I have installed on various computers? Will they not be able to connect anymore because they have the wrong password?

Does it matter if the streamer has been installed by deployment package w/ deployment code, or by download w/ my email & password?

I would like to strengthen my password but not sure if that will disconnect me from all my remote computers I support!



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  • @Smithdan,

    For those computers with deployment streamer installed, you do not need to change anything, it still works to show in the computer list and could connect.

    For those computers with normal streamer installed, it needs a re-login with new password to make them work again.

  • Could there be an update, so you can switch from standard username/password to the 12-digit key log in without having to log out first? I have been successful in applying a Development Streamer installer update (from the normal streamer) but unable to apply the 12-digit key unless i log out. I access a majority of the computers remotely only, and will incur a large cost to physically visit and change these machines. Is there a way to change to the 12 key on an already installed system without needing to access it. (otherwise its the same problem as using standard - have to physically visit each terminal.

  • @Lalcazar,

    Please you could use the following FAQ article to insert the command line when upgrading, it will be able to insert the deployment code without logging your Splashtop account out.


    Hope this helps!


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