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I have a Splashtop Business account from 01/30/2014 with hundreds of managed computers. My question is when  subscription expire on 01/30/2016 and I renew the subscription for the next year my price is 60 USD again like past years or I have to pay 180 USD? Because I see the new prices and if I want to remote control more than 460 computers it's only possibile in the 180 USD price. When I choose Splashtop in 2014 it was 60 USD for unlimited computers.



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  • @Oroszvari.Gabor,

    You could keep whatever terms were in effect when you subscribed, so it will still be $60 per year. If you stop the subscription in the feature, it will need to follow the new policy when re-subscribing.

    Hope this explains!

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  • Yes, thank you!

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