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I have a mouse cursor and a tiny dot while using Splastop business. The mouse cursor lags behind.Any suggestions. I amusing a Macbook Pro Retina to access a PC with Solidworks in my basement. Router is an airport extreme.



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  • same here, dot and all, using Win8.1 to access a Win7 PC, on the same network...  this only started today.  Had been fine prior.

  • Same for me.  Until a week or so ago mouse response on all computers was fine.  Then I started to get a dot on the screen as the mouse icon, with the 'proper' mouse arrow trailing behind it.  No settings had (consciously) been changed, and it happens on the 4 or 5 computers I have logged on to.  And at the same time response is really slow - basically unworkable now. It happens with all the sites I have logged on to.

  • I have the same problem and I see nobody has answer or suggested a fix so I will post a request directly to support.  Mine is on one of 2-computers - both are Windows 7 (home and enterprise) and both computers share a KVM but only occurs on one.

  • This is kinda-worrying. I suddenly had the remote screens show a dot and a mouse trail as I described.  It affected progressively more and more of my client computers.  Now it has stopped, equally suddenly.  I am convinced that no settings were changed by me.  Now I have an 'infection' of dropped connections.  All my remote connections will last for a minute or so, then drop.  That applies from and to a range of internet connection points, so it is unlikely to be caused by the connections at either end.

    What is worrying is that this (slow mouse problem, for example) is a really clear problem (a dot on the screen, a 'mouse trail') and no-one from Splashtop commented, either to say it was there, it was being worked on, it is fixed, it was caused by, etc.  We are still exploring our Remote Support options, and much as we want Splashtop to be our choice, we have this awful dread that our support of 200+ and-growing computers is based on a Support Structure that is overwhelmed, out of touch, or doesn't care.

    Guys; we're not expecting you to be Perfect, but talk to us, please.  If you have problems, - let us know.  If we are doing something wrong - tell us that, and tell us how to do it right.  But don't 'say nothing' when there is clearly a problem - we are staring at it, so we won't think it was our imagination just because you say nothing.

  • @Zforray.Ztechinc and Alan,

    Please refer to the article below to disable NV optimization feature on the computer seeing dot, then see if it could work to only show mouse cursor:

    And a kind reminder, deployment streamer works the same as using "all users" option.

  • Half the time the cursor is on the other side of the screen.  Has a ticket been raised to DevOps?



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