Why can't I type special characters from MAC OS keyboard?

While I'm using my Macintosh computer I am unable to type special characters on a remote computer. For example, what key combination will produce the @ symbol?



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  • @Pgpservices,

    Hitting Shift+2 should output @ during the remote session, will that work in your case?

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  • I have a mac mini with AZERTY keyboard, a Macbook Pro with same AZERTY keyboard setup.

    Using Splashtop to access the Mini from the Pro, certain keys are not in the same place. 

    ie. / is 2 keys to the left of the right shift on my pro, but that is not the result I get through Splashtop.


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  • @Stephen,

    We also replied to your ticket.

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  • Hi Guys,

    Finding it very difficult to get correct key combination for € symbol on the remote machine. I normally use Ctrl + Alt + $. I have tried Fn + Ctrl + Alt + $.

    Also Function keys F1 - F12 are activating commands on the local machine instead of the remote machine. Is there away around this?





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