Chrome OS / Chromebook Client

Both a client and server would be nice, but I'd settle for just a client. Using a chromebook daily lugging around I can do almost everything I need except remote support.


Sadly, I currently remote to a desktop at home, via Google's Chrome Remote Desktop, then launch Splashtop or use the mobile app on my phone, which can be very difficult with advanced tasks.



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  • Yes, Please!    This is a feature I'm looking for.   I have to remote to my home computer as well.

  • Yes, Please I run my business from a Chromebook and the ability to do remote support from my Chromebook would be great.
  • BUMP! Patiently Waiting :-)

  • BUMP! Not so patiently Waiting :-/


  • I doubt it will ever happen.    Splashtop relies on their Client Software to use the service.    HTML5 is no where to be found in their software portfolio. 

  • I too run my business from a chromebook. I would LOVE to see support for a splashtop business client so I can remote into my PCs!

  • Since the last comment was in January, I'll leave my two-cents.  I have logged into computers a few times using my Chromebook, but the experience is absolutely horrible.  Sometimes it won't even login.  Are there any updates on the horizon?  I'm using a Chromebook as my main laptop now and the ability to use it with Splashtop Business would really make my life easier.

  • I also tend to use a Chromebook / Chromebox as my primary systems and it really needs at LEAST a client version...and soon!!

  • I'm a new recruit to Splashtop, coming over from years with Logmein--it is currently Sept, 2015 and I am writing this on a chromebook.. there is a splashtop chrome interface which essentially uses the chrome remote desktop--very fast and works great so I'm guessing what everyone was asking for has arrived. I am very please with what I see with Splashtop and truly hope this company listens to its users, unlike Logmein did. I hope to stick with these guys for many years.. I run my own IT support with close to 400 computers.

  • @all,

    Thanks for the comment, Mike!

    We forgot to update this thread, yes the Chrome version Splashtop Business is available. You could find it via the link:

    Should you have any questions using Splashtop Business, please let me know.

  • Wow requests for Chromebook access since 2014!!!


    Biz pro is $99 for one user, to access one Chromebook requires remote access for $479.

    $379 to access one Chromebook? Come on folks thats nuts.

    I've run s/w dev for big messes, this is not one!



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