Password Protect Streamer & Preferences

It would be very helpful to be able to password protect the streamer so that no one can exit or change the preferences/options without entering the password set by the installer i.e Me.

I understand that non-admins to the client are not able to do this but if this option was available it could be set for all users of a client.  This would mean no-one without know the password would be able to exit/disable the streamer or change any of it's settings.

I look forward to hearing back from you.



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  • This will be helpfull on cases where you're giving support to foranean clients. For example you selled a PC/Laptop, and you want to give those clients it support. Those are the type of clients that usually uninstall everything that they don't know what a program is for, so you can assure that you'll always be capable of giving them support.

  • +1 for this feature.

  • Bad idea, because legaly unless you own the computer you cannot force someone to give you acces to the pc they have. They must have the option to keep you out of their pc at all time. (again) unles the PC they are using is yours.

    Keep in mind that everytime you connect to a pc (customer) you are running the chance of a lawsuite if you did not protect yourself correctly before with that customer. So giving them the choice of  removing you from their system must always be available to them.


  • Hi All,

    This feature is now available.  You need to install the latest deployment streamer, v3.0.6.3 or newer and create a new deployment code.  The computer owner can still uninstall the program if they look for it and run the uninstall process.  Please refer to this article:


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