Basic monitoring, alerting and system info.

Allow the gathering of basic system info (CPU, RAM, serial number, IP address, domain, temperatures, event log IDs, etc) without logging into the individual computer. Also allow monitoring and alerting based on these items. 



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    This is not planned yet.

    We have a partner having similar features, so we might not touch this part in near future.

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  • I am curious who is your partner? I am looking for a solution like this.

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  • I would also like the ability to get general system health information, without having to take over the computer.  (Temperature is most important to me) but the others are also useful.

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  • @kevin & all,

    We will be releasing Remote Support Premium package soon, which includes Configurable Alerts/Actions, Windows updates info, 1:1 commands/Scripting and several useful features, and more to come.

    Please you can refer to the page for more details and sign up as a beta user:

    Temperature detection is not included at this time, but we have noted it and will evaluate how to add it to the Premium package.


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