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Mobile Device Support in Streamer

Would LOVE to be able to assist clients with their phones/tablets remotely.  The big guys offer this and probably will be a huge part of remote support in the near future with the prevalence of mobile business solutions.  Really hoping this one gets a healthy consideration here.



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  • @Shcomputersolutions,

    This is not planned, but I will make sure the dev team are aware the feature request.

  • This is a much needed feature, i would call splashtop the near perfect support tool for any IT shop with it's lower price point and great features.  With the constant evolution toward more and more mobile devices (smart phones & tablets) in the work place that IT has to support it would be the step to make the program perfect in my opinion if you added the ability to remotely support those mobile devices.  Devices which in my case could easily be an hour or more's drive from my location with users who do not have a way to get said device to me.  I saw that it is marked as not planned but I bet there would be a # of your customers who would appreciate this being planned and put as a high priority A.S.A.P. feature.  It could help you draw more customers from the other big names who do already have this feature as I can tell you that I know of others who have turned away from your product because of this.  just my 2 cents =)


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