Ability for admin to fully un-link a computer

The admin can only "remove" a computer, but if the streamer is not unlinked it will show up again on the admin list.

Since we offer remote support by the hour, it seems like a hassle to ask the client to please unlink or remove the streamer for us.

There should be a "disconnect and unlink" option when disconnecting for the final time.


The admin control panel should be able to unlink without having to do it from the streamer PC.

In other words, admins need to have complete control without the interaction of a "streamer" pc.




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  • @Vizualeyes,

    Thank you for your suggestion!

    Yes force log-off (has unlink effect) issue is under developing.

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  • I think this feature needs to be fleshed out a bit because it is important.  In the web admin console you have the ability to 'delete' a computer.  However if you dont also uninstall the streamer from that computer, the next time that computer is online it will add itself to the default group.  This workflow does not seem to make sense, unless the deletion was an accident.  There are two possible workflows that I think work better.  1. Delete computer and Unlink, as the original author suggests.  2. Delete computer and uninstall streamer.  Being able to delete a computer from the web admin console, while sending a request to the remote computer to automatically uninstall the streamer the next time it 'checks in', is a much better workflow for us.  I certainly do not want remote software installed on computers if I have no intention of remotely accessing them, for obvious security reasons.

    I also noticed that you cannot 'Delete' a computer from the web admin console, if that computer is online.  I am hoping that is a bug?  If that is by design, then I dont understand the purpose of that workflow either.  This suggests that computers that are always on cannot be removed from splashtop.

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