Limited accounts for suppliers / teleworkers

We have switched from LogMeIn to Splashtop, but at the moment we are still using LogMeIn for around 30 users that are working remotely on their PC's at the office. It would be a lot of money to give all those users a Splashtop account.

What about limited user accounts!

For instance, a user account that can only remote control in to 1 PC or several PC's, whom you cannot make admin.

Would be pretty cool! :)



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  • @Collin,

    We also have Splashtop Business for Remote Support solution which charges users based on the number of computers you support, and has unlimited secondary user. 

    Please you could refer to our official website for more details:

    We could help convert your current Splashtop Business to prorated Splashtop Business for Remote Support. You could also refer to the below FAQ article for more details about the differences between them:

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