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change forum username / appearance / avatar / subscribe to threads / EDIT PREVIOUS POSTS / delete posts....   all the typical options you get in other forum tools please.





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  • Enhancing the usability of this forum could really help us, help each other. We can get answers faster and also offload mundane support questions from central support.

  • i'll second that!

    I find it incredibly frustrating and lacking compared to the many other tech forums I use daily.

  • @all,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    As for the profile editing, since the user profile on the support site is linked to your Splashtop account, we intend to close this function on the support site so it might not mistakenly overwrite any info of your Splashtop account. 

    We are also working on updating our support site so it could edit/delete your posts. There is a subscribe button at upper right of the title of the post, you should be able to do it.

    Hope this helps!

  • please allow us to have a different Forum Username from our account email or real name

    Support kindly set this forum username for me because of that very issue... means I have to pay attention when posting in the forums or working.

    It would allow us to post without association to our professional business or real, both easily searchable, names.




  • and how have some users got Avatars and most have not?   couldn't see anywhere to set such pictures 

  • I would like to know this to.  This support site is basic at best, unfathomable at worst.  Please sort this.

  • I have made a typo and cannot edit my post (above) on Google Chrome - am I missing something or is it impossible to edit posts?  Thanks.


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